Mates Creek Association - Audio

Old Time Singing

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CD 7

Elder Barry Thacker - Tarry with me, O my Savior

Elder Dave Gambill - Guide me,
O thou Great Jehovah

Elder Dave Hager - Our Cheeful Voices

Elder Emerson Montgomery - Thank you Lord

Elder Paul Varney - A Child of Johovah,
a Subject of Grace

Elder Paul Varney - Poor, Weak, and
Worthless, tho I am

Elder Raymond Stanley - O' Sing to me of Heaven

Elder Shawn Dotson - Farewell Vain World

Elder Shawn Dotson - If I could, but touch Him

Elder Tim Slone - Almost Home

Elder Tim Slone - Pitty a Helpless Sinner, Lord

MCA - Beulah Land

MCA - Gentle Shepherd, Gently Lead Us

MCA - Must Jesus Bare the Cross Alone

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