Mates Creek Association - Dry Fork Primitive Baptist Church

Location: Vansant, Virginia
Year Established: 1962

Moderator: Elder Brian Moore
Assistant Moderator: Elder Vester Runyon
Clerk: Elder Vester Runyon
Deacons: Deacon Daren Compton, Deacon Ron Moore
Weekend: Meets 2nd weekend of each month
Meeting Times: Saturday Evening 6:30pm and Sunday Morning 10:00am
Extra Meeting Times: Odd Sundays - 10:30am | New Years Eve - 6:30pm
Communion: Meets Friday before 2nd Saturday in May
Memorial Meeting: Meets 2nd weekend in July
Members: 38
Extra Notes:

Directions: 2782 Dry Fork Road, Vansant VA 23656:
From U.S. 460 at Vansant, VA, take State Route 83 (Lover's Gap Road) approx. 1 mile to State Route 627 (Dry Fork Road); Turn left on 627, go 3 miles to Dry Fork Primitive Baptist Church house on the right.

Dry Fork

Last updated: 9/16/22

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