Mates Creek Association - Elders

Officers of the Mates Creek Association

Moderator: Elder David A Thacker Assistant Moderator: Elder Jeremy Jacobs Clerk: Deacon Leslie Hatfield Assistant Clerk: Deacon Lonnie Simpkins

Elders of the Mates Creek Association

Elder Paul Dean Justice Elder Paris Blackburn Elder John Jacobs Elder Jimmy Lee Smith Elder J.C. Hager Elder David B. May
Elder Greg Moore Elder Randal Thornsbury Elder David A. Thacker Elder Michael Elswick Elder Lonnie Worrix Elder David Jacobs
Elder Richard Tucker Elder Frank J. Ball Elder Raymond Stanley Elder Steve Kinder Elder Robert B. Worrix, Jr. Elder Todd Thacker
Elder Jeff Dotson Elder Shawn Dotson Elder Brian Moore Elder Barry Thacker Elder Ricky B. Worrix Elder Larry Slone
Elder Gary Thacker Elder Daniel Jacobs Elder Timothy Slone Elder Roger Blackburn Elder David Hager Elder Jeremy Jacobs
Elder Vester Runyon Elder Roger Rose Elder Terry Thacker Elder Elbert Church

Please Note: Preachers or Pastors are called Elders in the Primitive Baptist Churches.

Updated: 8/28/23

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